Our Vision

Ok Kim, President and CEO of WMI, strives to empower its employees to provide a superior level of service to all WMI clients. President Kim and her staff work closely on a daily basis with Project Managers located at our many job sites to ensure that each client is highly satisfied with WMI services.Currently, WMI performs services at several sites throughout the United States, and continues to expand geographically.

— CEO of WMI
Metro Transportation Missouri
Metro Transportation Illinois
... and many MORE!

American Airlines
Delta Airlines
Northwest Airlines
Chatauqua Arilines
United Airlines
Trans State Airlines‍

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Brevard County, Florida
City of Saint Louis
Government Services Administration (GSA)

Love Properties
Federal Express (FEDEX)

Metro Transportation Missouri
Metro Transportation Illinois
Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

University of Missouri Saint Louis (UMSL)
United States Army Corps of Engineers
United States Census Bureau

World Management Inc.