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COVID Cleaning

When the pandemic occurred, World Management was one of the first janitorial companies to understand its impact on our society. In an effort to reduce the chance of infection, we immediately ordered equipment (electrostatic disinfecting sprayers), and we developed a comprehensive plan for all of our facilities, airports, and rolling stock – all commercial and government clients. We can develop a plan for your Covid-19 concerns.

For more Information, download documents:

- Get the Facts Straight on Electrostatic Spray Technology.pdf

- Clorox Clorox® Total 360® System.pdf

- Clorox® Total 360® Disinfectant Cleaner.pdf


We at WMI believes that everyone appreciates a facility that is cleaned, odor-free, shiny floor surfaces, and well stocked rest-rooms with sparkling mirrors and fixtures. A superior, experienced firm such as WMI can assist in your promotion of your facilities, improve employee productivity, safety, and/or impress your clients and customers. Our methods can save you time and money.

Green Cleaning

At WMI, we care about the environment, and our cleaning products typically have the following characteristics:

> No phosphates
> No chlorine
> No artificial fragrances
> No artificial colors
> Biodegradable or recyclable packaging

Organically grown ingredients using sustainable farming practices The term "green cleaning" can have a lot of definitions, but the main goal of our process is to use cleaning solutions and methods that keep us and our environment healthy and free of toxins.


The landscaping at your facilities speaks volumes as to what people think about your business. With fresh cut manicured grass, shaped trees and carved bushes, along with fresh blooming flowers and mulch, your facility can be maintained to ascetic beauty.


The WMI recycle pledge is installed to help your facility to become more healthier, add to your bottom line, reduce other energy costs and improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction. If you desire assistance in your sustainability program, WMI can assist you toward the greenest facility possible.

Parking Services

Your parking lot, structure, environment and operators are the first thing that your customers and employee experience. The operation of the parking garage should be very easy to maneuver, using a common sense approach. The operators of the parking facilities should ensure that customers and guests feel safe in a well maintained facility.

Snow Removal

Equipment, and professionals are all you need to effectively remove snow from your facility. Winter storms can be challenging, and our team is ready – whether it snows 4 inches at 3pm, or 3 inches at 4 am. Our experts, combined with our “always ready” attitude during the winter months, can effective remove your snow anytime you deem it necessary.

Airport Services

Aviation has become more complex and costly. Airlines continue to look for ways to improve the travel experience, along with saving money. WMI has mastered the art of providing excellent services at airports with the best recruited people to service the traveling public. Our duty is to the passenger that anticipates a positive experience while traveling within our airports. We do not disappoint.

Rolling Stock

Rolling Stock (Public Bus Transportation Industry)

We have a solid history of proving services for public transportation industries. Our approach has been to ensure that our buses and public transportation facilities are well maintained at the highest quality for the lowest price. Regarding buses, our duty is to the passenger that anticipates a positive experience while traveling on public transportation. We do not disappoint.

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